Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gardening and things....

So, busy baseball weekend last weekend.  Played in Puyallup and Lacey, and TADA!!!!!  They won five out of five games!!!  Champions!!  Seattle Stars!!!!!

This would be the trophy and shirts the team received for winning.

This is Liam pictured with both his coaches, on the left is Coach Shane and Coach Nick is on the right.

These are all the boys in their new T-shirts with the trophy!!!

Had a busy day today, below Mom and I mulched the potatoes,

Rob cut down some sapling alder trees to use as a trellis for the pole beans that are finally taking off.  There has been so much RAIN!!!  Better than none I suppose.  Mom and I had to unwind the beans one by one and rewind them around the closest poles.

Okay, so we are looking at the Yukon Gold potatoes below and what the heck is that???  There is what looks like a tomato plant growing OUT OF the potato plant?  Anyone every heard of such a thing?

If you look close at the picture, you can see it is literally growing OUT OF the potato stalk.  hmmmmmm.

These would be the pumpkin plants, sugar pumpkins for pumpkin pie and such!!!

The yellow squash with teeny tiny yellow squashes started.

The zucchini plants with zucchini starting to grow.

And these are the sweet potatoes.  They are doing okay, not fabulous.  They definitely like the weather nice and warm, which it has not been.  Perhaps we need to cover them to keep it warmer all around them.  But they are growing.

That's all for now.  We have 32 more chicken eggs that will hatch the first week of August, the other turkey hen hatched out six poults, two have not made it, but there are still four left.  We sold Red the year-old buck, so it is just Ashley, Gus, and Marty holding down the back now.  They do a pretty good job though.

Leaving for Colorado on Saturday for a baseball tourney for Liam.  Kara and I are driving, and Robert and Liam will fly.  Will definitely let you know how that goes!!


Oh, and in case anyone did not hear, Kara passed her driver's test, so on her birthday, she just has to go in and pick up her license.  Watch out on the road after August 21st.  lol  :)