Sunday, September 2, 2012

More Goings On!

So getting busy with harvesting!!  Been digging up potatoes, still getting zucchini and yellow squash, and the winter squash is coming along nicely, along with green beans and will be starting on tomatoes soon!!!

This is a new recipe for sore throat tea I found on Facebook!  It's in the back of my fridge now, mixing together!

This would be our very first tomato from the garden.  It is an Oregon Spring variety.  Excited as we have lots on the vines!

We have one raspberry plant that is still producing raspberries!  Yay!

I got a new utensil to use while cooking and LOVE IT!  It's called a spurtle and it's awesome.  Love it for veggies, meat and stirring beans!

I made some lemony pickled veggies,

and some bread and butter pickles, and canned both!

Mom and I finally finished painting the goat and Marty's house.  Yay, they all match now!

So as Mom and I are painting the goat house, Mr. Marty comes over and decides to try to get into his water trough.  He actually tried to lay in it.  It was absolutely hysterical!!!  He is so funny!

Had our very last garage sale cleaning it all out and donated what did not sell.  Now on to organize our dry food storage area in the garage and then clean/organize Rob's shop.  Also, canning tomatoes, more beans, more pickles, peaches, pears, and corn.