Saturday, December 17, 2011

December Fun!

Okay, okay, I know it's been a while, and I had phone trouble and had to have the software reinstalled on my iPhone, but I have to say that now it is working better than ever!  YAY!

So to begin, let's see.  In November, Rob and I officially now have two teenagers in the house as Liam turned 13.  Yes, 13.  Let's take a moment and ponder that.  Liam, 13, 13, Liam.  Hmmm, it's still sinking in.  Also, I am now officially the shortest one in the house as both Liam and Kara have passed my amazing height of 5' 3-3/4".  Kara is now 5'6" and Liam is 5'5".  Rob is still in the lead at 6', but that may change in the coming years.

So with Liam being 13 and all, he has gotten some noticeable manly man hairs and has started to shave.  This would be him the other morning before shaving.  (And no, he is not standing there with nothing on, he had his boxers on.  Didn't notice til after I took the picture that it looks like he has nothing on. haha)  

He got money from his aunt and grandpa and friends, so purchased himself a new catchers glove (with a little help from Rob and I) for this year's baseball season.  He has been breaking it in at the catcher's clinic he is attending.

This would be the turkey for Thanksgiving.  I tried a new recipe from and boy was it delicious!  Definitely a keeper.  The link for the recipe is Orange and Maple Glazed Turkey.  No this was not one of our own turkeys as we butchered the following day, did 5 turkeys and 13 chickens at that time which are all in the freezer now.  We will be having one our turkeys for Christmas dinner, though.  We did get a meat grinder at the thrift store to try.  Rob and I (okay mostly Rob) ground up one of the turkeys using the grinder, which was okay.  Might have to try a different grinder and see if there is any difference, as we had to run it through the grinder we had three times to get to the consistency we wanted.  It was very, very lean meat, as when I cooked it, there was absolutely no fat, but it did taste fabulous.

So on to December.  We got our tree the first weekend of December.  Found a tree farm out Highway 9 north of Sedro Woolley.  Great place and found a wonderful tree.  Kara and Liam had fun and Liam cut the tree down most of the way with Rob helping a little bit.  Kara and Liam did all the decorating after I put on the lights.  I have to say, I believe this is the most symmetrical tree we have had in a while.

And this would be Kara and Liam having fun at the tree farm!

Kara and Santa!

Along with the tree decorating, they also put up Rob's village with the fire department, farm house and lighthouse.

Kara arranged the reindeer, and

they both hung up the stockings with care.  lol

And, on to the animals.  The buff orpingtons and light brahmas are getting bigger.  They have been moved into one of the larger chicken tractors and will be separated in the next few weeks, so we can keep the two breeds separate.  They obviously thought I had food when I first came out cuz they all made a beeline for me.

And then once I added food to the feeder, I was forgotten.  But I am sure I am still loved, as I do bring the food.  hahahahahaha

The two baby Narragansetts are growing.

And the new rooster, Dudley, who is a Maran, is totally coming into his roosterness and taking care of the hens left and right.  (if you know what I mean.)

This would be Mr. Marty's nest that he has created in the side of the goat house.  He seems to be adding things to it all the time.  Leaves, twigs and such.

The pig pack is doing well and growing, growing, growing.  Still looking at February as butcher time.  They are always on the lookout for food.  In the picture, the one in front is actually up to his front legs in a hole he was digging to see if he could find something to eat, I am sure.

I have just been knitting up a storm and cooking things for Christmas.  Gonna be a very homemade Christmas this year, which I am totally having a great time with.  Found some new recipes and have made some favorites also.  Can't show any pictures, cuz that would give away what is to come.  haha


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