Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy April Fool's!!!

Happy April!  Things have been wet, windy, and very rarely sunny up here the past month.  Feel like the ground is just soooooo soggy and wet.  Very, very ready for the rain to back off for a little bit.

Below is the first time I have ever used a pressure cooker.  Tried a pork roast and it turned out fabulous if I do say so myself!  lol

This would be the recipe I used.

And here is the finished product with homemade herb bread!  yummers!

So I am still knitting and finished a pair of fingerless gloves last weekend.  They turned out wonderful.  Nice yarn, merino wool and silk.

So we had a surprise 70th birthday party for mom, who is modeling her hat, neck scarflet and the finger gloves from above that I made.  She had a great time!  Was surprised when her friends showed up so I guess I pulled it off!  It was a wonderful day sunny and nice!

The same day was the BBQ for Rob's birthday and here is the family picture from that day of Rob, his sisters and mom.

So I started some sourdough and am going to try making bread using this from now on.  Along with pancakes and such.  Put it in a half gallon jar and it's now in the back fridge waiting to be used.

The three midget white hens have laid their eggs and are sitting now.  The eggs should start to hatch in the next two weeks, I think.  Not sure the exact day they started to sit, and they take about 4 to 5 days longer than chicken eggs to hatch.

Below, two of the hens decided to sit together on 24 eggs.  Rob and I are wondering how they will split them up when they hatch.  I guess we will see.

And below the other hen is sitting on 14 eggs in the blackberries in the front right of the yard.  Total, that would be a lot of turkeys if they all hatch, but we will see.

Kara made the SHS Varsity softball team and plays third base.  She is having a great year and lots of fun with her teammates.  This is here below in her ready position as the pitcher pitched the ball.

And finally for today, I made aebleskivers this morning on my new cast iron pan.  They were awesome!!!  Didn't stick or anything and talk about yummy!  

Had mine with raspberry/blackberry jam.

And here is the recipe I used below.  I did add one teaspoon vanilla which was a great touch.  Perhaps adding cinnamon or cardamom would be nice also.

Have a super duper day!!!

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