Saturday, May 5, 2012

Goings and Comings in April

So garden is going.  The tomatoes have been planted, and the peppers, with covers made by the wonderful Robert!  The potatoes are all planted, also.  The basil, lemon mint, sage, marjoram, oregano, rosemary and thyme are in planters.  The strawberries have been weeded and already have some flowers!  YAY!  The rhubarb has been moved from the raised bed to a new spot in the new, extended garden area and already has new growth.  I really don't think there is any way to kill rhubarb.  hmmm

So the goings at Shelley Hill Farm are below.  R1 and R2 were sold to a family up north.  The kids are going to be showing them, and were very excited to get them.



And Phoebe were all sold to a gentleman and are off to new adventures.

Momma turkey and her 11 babies were attacked by coyotes and did not survive.  The other two hens and their nest was attacked also, all babies/eggs destroyed and one hen was hurt, but she has recovered, so now we have Mr. Tom, and two turkey hens.  They have started laying again, but am not sure if they will sit again this year or if we need to wait until next year.  Time will tell.  If they do sit, we are going to be putting one of the movable chicken tractors over her/them while sitting and hatching to protect them better.

On the cooking front, I made egg noodles using a pasta maker and they turned out fabulous.  Made fettuccine and linguini noodles.

With homemade alfredo sauce, can't be beat!  yummy yum yum!

As I was driving Kara and Liam to school the other day, I passed a chipper truck that was chipping up someones trees, stopped and asked if he had any chips we could have to do the garden paths in.  He said not at that time, but I got his business card and mom called and voila, three days later two truck loads of FREE chips!!!!!  Woo Hoo!

So we have been busy moving chips, not all done yet, to the garden paths.  Much easier than having to mow and such.

Liam's Seattle Stars team was in a tournament, the Seattle Elite Tournament held in Kirkland, and won first place, being undefeated!  Awesome tournament and they played very well.  Yay.  Go Stars!

Kara's softball season is almost done for the year.  They have three more games this next week and then are finished.  What fun!


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