Sunday, June 10, 2012

New items found!

Had a great time at the Mother Earth New Fair!  Ran into Erica and Homebrew Husband from NW Edible.  Had a great time with Mom, Raymond, and Robert.

Below, are the sourdough starters that I purchased and have started.  Am excited to be making some bread items from these two.

 There was a fabulous booth Pepperjackhome that had reusable paper towels shown below!  One side is cotton and the other is diaper cloth.  Soaks up spills fabulously and can be washed and reused!

At the same booth, there were reusable snack bags like below,

And a reusable sandwich bag that velcroed closed as shown below,

Below are the garlic scapes that mom cut and then dried for us.  I fried some up with some veggies the other night that were fabulous!

Below are the sweet potato slips that finally got planted after warming up the soil under the plastic.  I have four left in the house that are still growing/sprouting leaves and will plant them soon.

Mom's friend Cleo brought down some potato fingerling starts, so we have planted those and hopefully will have a little crop!

The potatoes have grown wonderfully!!!  Need to get some straw to mulch with along with the grass clippings.

All is going well on Shelley Hill Farm.  Liam has a baseball tournament this weekend we will be going to and the kids are out of school on Friday!  Kara will be a Junior in high school next year, wow where does the time go and Liam will be in 8th grade.  The animals are doing well and both turkey hens are sitting now, the one probably has about a week until hatching and the other just started and is sitting on 11 eggs.

So hopefully will have more turkeys for butchering in the fall.  The first group of chickens will be processed the first of July.

Have a good one!

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