Monday, May 27, 2013

It's been a while, so thought it as time to catch up with the new going's on at Shelley Hill Farm.

Below are the two kids that Ashley had.  The first is a doe, that we sold.

And below is the red buck that we still have, are trying to sell still.

Made some yummy pizza the other night!!!

Had with salad and pretty much ate it all!

This is the recipe for the pizza that I used.  Since I used a Silpat mat under the crust, I would cook it longer than the 5 minutes is says in the recipe, otherwise it tasted fabulous!  I used our tomato sauce we made and canned.  Mmm, mmm good!

Kara had Runner in seventh heaven the other day, scratching his chest.  haha

Gma Shelley went to one of Liam's baseball games the other night and we got a picture of the two of them.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day (Nik had to work so could not come up) with the kids.  In the picture below, Liam is standing in front of me and you can't see me at all.  hahaha  I am definitely the shortest one in the family now.

Aren't my kids lovely!?  hahahahaha

This is the awesome book I got from Nik for Mother's Day!  Excited to put it into use!

Kara and her boyfriend Tanner at Liam's tournament this weekend!  Yep, she still likes to steal my phone and take lots of photos!  Don't they look cute!

And two of our three rabbit does had kits.  One had 10, but we lost one so has 9 and the other had 7 and all are doing great!

Kara holding one of the baby rabbits, it is almost 3 weeks old now.  Looks just his daddy, Blue!

These are the videos and the second one of the new rabbit tractors that Robert built!  Click on the link and you can see the videos.  For some reason, I can't seem to upload them to the blog, so you will have to go to YouTube to watch them.  The bunnies love the tractors, eating all the grass and especially the weeds, dandelions and such!  They are so cute!

Below is the garden with veggies growing!  Yahoo!!!

These are squash below.

More squash, spaghetti squash to be exact.

Sugar pumpkins.

Shelling peas and sugar snap peas with twine to climb.

Bush beans on this side and pole beans on the pole side.

Brussels sprouts,




And leeks planted so far.

Am so excited, we are going to have sooooooooooo many raspberries this year!!!!!

This is the one grape plant, Aurora grape to be exact, that I got free when we ordered the fruit trees from Raintree Nursery this year.  Excited to actually have our own grapes!!!

Celery that Mom grew from the cutoff ends of celery she purchased from the store!  And asparagus on the outside of the bed.

Lots of carrots!

Lots of red beets!

More beets and garlic,

Lettuce, celery, and two different kinds of onions,

Our strawberry bed that I want to make into a terraced bed so we can have more plants and make it easier to pick, but we will see.

More garlic, multiplier onions, and shallots.

Moved all the blueberry plants from the front of the house and they are doing great!!!

Our two cranberry bushes we got free from the fruit tree order at Raintree Nursery!

Plant starts in the greenhouse are doing great!  Figured out that if I start them in the house they germinate quicker, and then move to the greenhouse where they are a stronger plant to transplant.

Making wheat grass fodder for the bunnies, pigs, goats, and chickens.

Here are the two potbelly/kune kune cross pigs.  As you can tell, the pink guy was talking away when I took the photo!  hahaha  What great personalities they have!

Our potato patch this year.  In the front are red potatoes and in the back are the Yukon Golds.

Our trees from Raintree Nursery that we planted in January/February.  They are doing awesome.  One apple tree, Akane, actually has apples on it!

Our cherry tree seems to have a lot of cherries on it this year!  Will be netting this to see if we can get more than the birds do!

One of the apple trees.

This is a multi-kind of apple tree, not sure what kinds are left, it had four, but I know some of the branches have broken.  It does have apples this year, though.

This is our Asian pear tree and it has tons of Asian pears on it this year!

Our oldest pear tree, has lots of pears, but the leaves seem to have some sort of curl fungus/or something going on.  Hmm, will have to look into this.

In front of Mom's house, we planted more garlic, which now has scapes and we will be harvesting those.

Mom's gutter planters are doing great.  She has strawberries, lettuces, and radishes going.

And more strawberries!

I sprouted a sweet potato from the Co-Op in Mount Vernon and transferred the slips to the jar with water so they would grow roots.

Once they had roots, I transplanted them with Robert's help to these larger containers and will be transplanting again in a couple of weeks to larger containers that I am going to try on the front deck, as the soil will stay nice and warm that way.

So that's it for now.  Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!  It's almost summer!  Bring on the sun, please!


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