Sunday, July 20, 2014

Been a while!

It has been too long since I have updated the blog!!!  So sorry, got busy with work, kids and everything that goes along with it.  

Sad news on Shelley Hill Farm.  We had to put Gus, our Boer buck down.  He broke his front legs.  Really hard thing to do.  He was a great goat!  He did sire 2 sets of triplets before he broke his legs, and boy are they cuties!  RIP Gus!

Since the last blog, Aylia and Alex got married and Kara graduated from high school.  Below are some photos from both!

Yes, yes, I know, they are goofballs, but I love them all!!!!

Kara is right in the middle in the front in the picture above!  It was a great graduation ceremony!

Below, was the cake from her grad party!  Mom and I made her a sash that said Graduate on it!  Turned out fabulous, if I do say so myself!  

And here are Kara and Liam in their varsity uniforms.  Liam got to play in 4 varsity games this year.  Kara had a great varsity softball year.  They made it to the district playoffs and she hit her very first home run!!!!  

To change subjects completely, Runner is now fixed and this would him wearing his "cone of shame".  Hahahahaha.  At least he stays in the yard now!

Mr. Moo Moo is no more.  He was supposed to be a steer and turned out to be a bull!  After managing to escape one too many times, he is now the in freezer!  Great hamburger!

Below are garden tour videos, including new baby rabbits!  Enjoy!

Since that video above, another doe, Mrs. Silver, has had 3 babies and all are doing well!  So 9 new baby rabbits!

I believe this should be the year of the tomato!!!  Hoping for a big harvest so we can can tomatoes for the next 2 years! 

Hope you enjoyed the videos.  Sorry for not updating the blog til now!  

Liam starts driver's ed tomorrow, yikes!!!  haha  His baseball season with the Stars has gone well.  They have 2 tournaments left.  He has also played a couple games with the 18U Stars, as well.  

Since graduating, Kara has moved to Spokane to live with Aylia and Alex.  She will be attending Spokane Community College in the fall taking the EMT/Fire Sciences course.  After 2 years, she will transfer to Central to take the Paramedics course there, as she wants to be a paramedic.  

Have a good one!

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