Friday, May 6, 2011

What a Drag!

Being sick is really no fun.  I had so many things planned yesterday that I wanted to get done and well, let's just say they didn't.  I pretty much laid on the couch all day and evening and then went to bed.  However, on the bright side I did lose 3 pounds.  So you know, at least I got something out of it, I guess.

Mom, Raymond and I finally got around to harvesting the humongous rhubarb plants.  I mean, since April they had just taken off and even had a flower head on it.  Mom ended up drying some in the dehydrator, which she said she wouldn't do again, cuz it was like chewing fibers, but now we know not to do that again.  We finished this morning cutting up and putting 2 cups in each freezer bag for use in the future.  Mom is also making a rhubarb custard pie only without the crust, so just the custard part.  That will be desert this evening.  We also have a couple of recipes for rhubarb vanilla jam, rhubarb syrup for making your own soda or topping pancakes and such, and if anyone has a recipe for desert breads with rhubarb and doesn't mind passing it on, that would be fabulous!

These are the dried rhubarb pieces.

And this is the rhubarb custard, looks very yummy!

Finally got out and weeded the garden.  Put up a piece of fencing also to let the peas climb on to make easier to pick.
These are the lettuce, spinach and onions and leeks that I rescued after Pig decided to "help" one day in the garden.  Not all made it, but quite a few did so I am very pleased!!

These are squash in the front and the climbing peas on the piece of fence that we zip-tied to the hoop.

And these are the first shoots of asparagus!!!!!  Yay, I am so excited!  I believe this year we let it grown and turn into a fern, then cut it back so the roots really get established well and then next year we can harvest it.

And here is our small strawberry patch, which next year will be much larger hopefully!

Going to try to get leeks, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, sugar pumpkins, bush and pole beans, and beans for drying planted this week also.  Just gotta dash out in between the rain showers.  haha

And we did sell the very first born goat from Rachel, R1, the other day.  The rest are for sale also, but no others have sold yet.

Rob has been busy putting up an electric fence to separate the pigs from Gus and R2 (Rachel's second born as he is being weaned).  The goats have all been pretty noisy as R2 is missing his momma, but after about 4 to 5 days it should calm down.  Rob has also been milking Rachel and using her milk to feed to Pig.  We went and visited with one of Rob's coworkers the other day who raises pigs to butcher and they only had them fenced in with two strands of electric wire about as tall as their knees and nose and they stayed in.   Rob did put up a wire top and bottom of the fence we have now so that Marty and Pig would not push on the fence, which has worked very well.  Both have gotten shocked and decided to stay back from the fence now.

Off to the Mother's Day Lunch at the middle school with Liam today.  Should be fun!!

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