Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just waiting

Rob is umping a game, Liam has baseball practice and Kara had a game, but has finished and is watching the game Rob is umping.  The sun has come out, finally, and it's a pleasant, still cool, 50 degrees.  The chickens are roaming the yard along with the turkeys.  The goats are in their respective compounds and the pigs are also.

Rob finished rototilling the area I am going to plant with corn, mangels and squash, perhaps pumpkins also.  We will just need to make sure it is not dug up by the chickens or turkeys until it gets going.

I have put up the goats for sale, the kids, on Craigslist, so hopefully they will go easily, after they are weaned of course.  hahaha.  All are doing fabulous, climbing on everything and running around.  They are all so very cute.

Pig is now eating twice a day and getting extra goat milk to help "buff" him up.  hahaha  He is definitely growing!

Mom and I got out and planted some lettuce starts I had started in the house.  The starts I rescued from before when Pig was left in the garden and tried to help "rearrange" them in the planter, are doing great. There are lettuces, spinach, and some onions and leeks growing.  We went to Skagit Valley Nursery and got peppermint plants!  They smell so good, just like peppermint.  Can't wait to get them planted.

Also, the tomato plants and peppers are doing wonderfully in the front window.  Still waiting to plant outside, as it is just too cold.

We are just waiting for the rice cooker to be done, as we tried a new recipe for cooking rice that sounds very yummy.  I made the pot roast from Girls Guide to Butter blog, which has some very yummy recipes.

Okay, rice cooker is done.  Gotta go!

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