Sunday, April 3, 2011

R1 and R2 antics

So here are R1 and R2 literally kicking up their heels!  hahaha

So Friday, they were dehorned and got their CD-T shots.  We took them to a lady in Arlington, who also has Boer goats and was highly recommended by a friend and at the feed store.  She is very knowledgable and we learned quite a bit.  Not sure I could actually do the dehorning.

This first picture is of the actual iron used to dehorn them.

She said her son built her the box the kid is in.  It has a piece of wood underneath their chin to rest their head on.  She applied the iron, after shaving off the hair over their horn nubs.

Then she counted "1 - 1000, 2 - 1000" etc, all the way to 15, while turning the iron back and forth in a circle over the horn nub.

They, of course, did not like it one bit and let us know that.  She then sprayed on some antiseptic and cooling purple spray.  It did stink, for sure!!  I think for $5 a piece, we will probably just have her do this in the future.

We brought them back home and reintroduced them butt end first to mom, so she can tell they are hers, because like I said, their heads stunk.  All is well and they are bouncing around, as you can tell above in the video.

We are up to 4 eggs a day from the chickens (YAY) and only the 1 egg from the turkeys.

Kara gave us a scare the other day, as at practice she collided with another player and ended up going to the hospital in Mount Vernon and ended up with a mild concussion.  She is fine and back to her regular self.  No more softball games to report on, but will have to sit out the next couple of practices until she can see her regular doctor and get released to play again.

Liam's first game is now on the 9th.  He was supposed to have one on Tuesday, the 6th, but that got canceled due to lack of players on the other team due to it being Spring Break this week for us.

Kara, and I, and hopefully Aylia, are going to go to the new knitting/yarn shop in Stanwood this Wednesday.  For $10 we can all learn new stitches and Kara and Aylia can learn basic knitting techniques.  I want to learn how to make these neat crocheted kitchen sponges.  I have the material and the pattern to follow, but have not crocheted in so long that I need some help remembering how to do this.  I figured we can have a girls day and hang and learn some stuff together, then possibly go across the street to Stanwood Cupcakes and treat outselves.  Hmm, not a bad idea!!

Have a great Sunday!

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