Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Preserving some things

So, the kids are back in school.  A little quieter around the house again.  Kara is doing well in her driver's ed class and is wanting to drive any time she can.  

Mom and I picked up two 22-pound boxes of apples, two 20-pound boxes of Red Globe and Rosa peaches, six 20-pound boxes of Bartlett pears, and six 10-pound boxes of peaches, not sure of their type, and mom got one 10-pound box of nectarines.  The nectarines she dried and made a nummy salad with corn.  Very yummy!

Below is some fruit leather made with peaches and a little bit of cherries.  We also froze quite a few peach slices for later use.

And canned some also.

Mom cut up and dehydrated a whole watermelon and this is what it shrunk down to.  Amazing huh?  Kinda tastes like cotton candy, I think.

And these would be the dried nectarines and peaches mixed.

Things are going well out in the garden.  There are soooooooo many tomatoes and I certainly hope they will have a chance to ripen before the weather changes.  Below are the first two that have slightly changed color.  These are Roma variety.

The new Welsummer chicks are doing well, almost three weeks old now.  We did lose two.  The smallest one got pastey butt and seemed okay after it was cleaned off, but the next morning was gone.  And then one of the older ones was gone about two days later, I think because they had been really starting to pick and scratch at the newspaper and perhaps he ate too much and it blocked him up.  They are all moved outside in the broody chicken tractor with their light and have fun running up and down the ramp.

The midget whites are getting larger, still not sure on the tom/hen ratio but hopefully two of each.  Momma turkey and her two babies are doing fine and dandy.  She herds them around the yard every day and they are so cute pecking and following along.

Robert finished the fence all the way around the back of the property and the goats have a very large area to clear now for us.  Gus and the girls are together for this next month and then will be separated again, which means we will probably have January or early February babies.

The mangels are great!  Marty loves them (he got out the other day before the fence was finished and did a fabulous job of showing me now to root them up, put one front foot on them to hold it, and then take a big bite.  His new bottom front teeth are very pretty and white, I have to say.  haha), the goats love them and I am sure the weiner pigs we are getting on the 24th will love them also.  We are getting four pigs this time, one for mom and Aylia to share, two for us and one for Alex's dad (Aylia's boyfriend Alex, just in case you where like who??)

The meat chickens are doing well and growing, growing, growing.

Liam has started fall baseball with the Stanwood/Camano group and also with the Seattle Stars group he will be playing with this spring instead of doing hockey this year.  Kinda weird not going to the rink, but the sun outside has been nice.

Their first game Liam pitched, as you can see below.

And had a two nice outs while playing shortstop.

He's having a great time playing.

Guess that's all for now.  Gonna try some pickling of different veggies tomorrow as I have a few of everything, just not enough of one kind to do them all individually, so will keep you updated.


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