Friday, September 2, 2011

September Tour of Shelley Hill Farm

Okay, so I was full of energy this morning and am giving you all a little mini tour with short videos of the new/improved/moved/rearranged/hopefully better Shelley Hill Farm.

We will start with a lovely video of moi.  (I know, I crack myself up also.  hahahahahahaha)

Now moving on.

On a sad note, one of the baby hens at the beginning of the video above did not make it through today. Dumbledore tried to have his way with her (she really is too young, so we will be keeping the other two in the moveable pens until they are "of age") and tore off her feathers over her chest, exposing her gizzard and chest.  So, Rob put her out of her misery and she is on the stove as we speak, kinda like a cornish game hen size.

Moving on to the "bachelor pad".

and still more.....

Sorry, ended that before I finished my sentence.  Meant to say "Hopefully they will ripen then in the warm weather."

And now for the biggy news today!!!

Kara watched this video above and said I sounded like the mom on the Wild Thornberry's from Nikolodeon.  Okay then.  I kinda do.  I could have whispered like all the shows that Rob and Liam watch on hunting where they are whispering about their hunt and then the wind always seems to be blowing across the microphone.  Drives me insane.  And yes, I was very excited that the turkey hatched her eggs.  We weren't even sure any of them would hatch.

Anyway, Liam has 5 baseball games this weekend, his first tournament with the new team.  So will let you know how that goes.  Gonna finish doing the school clothes shopping this weekend too.


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