Friday, August 26, 2011

Catch up, again, on Shelley Hill Farm

Nothing much too new going on.  Caught Rob and Raymond on the front deck each with a turkey in their lap.  The midget white turkeys are quite friendly and jumped right up to be petted.

Rob was in the process of taking apart the large turkey tractor to make three smaller ones to move the meat chickens we are in the process of getting.  Below are Monica and Rachel, who decided they liked our side of the fence better and to keep them in one spot, it became the "goat" tractor.  bwahahahahaha

These are the newest meat chickens, purchased yesterday from a family up out of Bellingham.  They are about three weeks old.  We will be getting a few more this weekend.

Below would be the midget white turkeys and the three roosters from the Delaware chicks we hatched out in their new tractor.  The roosters will be raised for meat.  We are not sure of the sexes of the turkeys yet, though pretty sure there are at least two toms if not all four.  If we do have a hen, then we will keep one tom for a breeding pair.

Rachel is out yet again as I type, really need to fix/move the fence, again.  So she is "imprisoned" in the empty tractor again, hence the name "goat" tractor.  lol

Got one load of laundry off the line and the next one up.  Making yogurt today and two loaves of bread are waiting for the oven to preheat to be baked.


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  1. To prevent goats from eating branches of trees and killing them off, I have seen them hobbled by tying a short rope around their necks and forelegs. This way the goat can only eat from the ground. is this method practical and/or humane?