Monday, August 1, 2011

Favorite Things

So I have a new favorite book -

I have made hamburger buns, pictured below, and two loaves of bread, also pictured below.  They were all very yummy and great directions to follow!

Also, found an absolutely perfect, yummy, yum, yum, and I mean really really good, makes you salivate and can't wait for it to be done recipe for pork spareribs, which we had last night.  Found the recipe at  So, sorry, but I didn't think to take a picture until only the bones were left.  hahahahahaha  We ate all 6 pounds of ribs between 6 people.  All I can say is WOW, make this recipe!!!

Rob informed us last night that he was going to cut wood.  About an hour later, I realized that he wasn't out at the woodshed, and thought that's weird, because he said he was going to cut wood.  So I started outside to look for him, and saw him and Liam coming back from the garage pushing this.

Isn't it fabulous?!  It is a soil sifter that he made.  So obviously, he was cutting wood, only not firewood like I thought.  haha.  The top square is on wheels that roll forward and back to shake the dirt out.  Rob mentioned this morning that he was thinking of adding something like metal pieces angled down into the wheelbarrow so the dirt does not get onto where the wheels are rolling, so will keep you updated on that.    Mom tried it out last night and Rob and it works like a charm.  YEAH!!  We can sift all the rocks out of the garden beds, yeah, easier to plant and mix in the compost.

Kara and I went to Hannah's baby shower on Saturday and met Aylia there.  They decided that they needed to compare their muscles.  Whatcha think?

I am very impressed!  We had a great time visiting with family and Amy made the best stuffed mushrooms, the recipe of which she shared with Aylia and me.  Will definitely be making these sometime soon.

Also, Joann and Roger were up camping on Camano this last weekend and Liam and Rob went crabbing with Roger.  They had a great time and Kara and I joined them at their campfire that night.  The cute dog is Joann's new addition, Carmen.

Liam of course had to jump into the photo and make his weird face.  hahahaha.  He's such a ham.

Harvested the last of the shelling peas last night and tore up the plants, which Gus, baby red, and Marty loved to munch on.  We will be replanting, after using the soil sifter first to add new soil/compost to the raised bed of course.

The sun is out and I'm off to enjoy it!  Later.

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