Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tuesday happenings.

So yesterday we had a scare.  Rob noticed there were only six chicks, not seven.  He and mom looked all over, hearing her, but not sure where she was.  Ray mentioned that he saw one sitting on  the edge of the goat's water bucket earlier and yep, when Rob looked, there she was, floating.  He fished her out, brought her in the house and I held her with a towel while mom used the hair drier to blow her dry with the diffuser on.  She fluffed right back up, but took a little longer to be able to stand on her own, probably the whole process took about 30 minutes.  She was really cold, but pecked at some bread crumbs and when we put her back out with Momma and the rest of the chicks, she ate some scratch and then promptly fell asleep in the food, as I am sure she had a stressful afternoon.  Not sure how long she was in the water bucket for.

So this morning, she looks pretty good so far, perky and bright eyed and pecking just like the others.

Hopefully she won't catch pneumonia and all will be good.

Rob got his "Big Boy Toy" yesterday and started on marking out the property lines up to the hookup for the electrical, and redid the driveway turnaround to accommodate where Mom and Ray's cottage is going to go, and today is going to work on cutting out the pad for their house.

This would be Raymond supervising the whole thing.  haha

Big hole, front yard, where the cottage will be.

Rob in his Big Boy Toy!

The sod that got pulled up.

The cottage "hole" from another angle, looking southeast.

Rob and Raymond having a serious discussion.  lol

A big dirt pile.  Liam built a bike hill of course!

More to come tomorrow!

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