Thursday, August 11, 2011

Catch up on Shelley Hill Farm......

Busy, busy, busy around here lately.

Garden news - After removing the large pile of dirt/stinging nettles/blackberries behind the garage, we now have more garden area!  Yeah!

We will be moving the sprawling plants, zucchini, squash, potatoes and such there this next year.  However, I got some wheat seed that we are planting this fall and then harvesting this next spring and then will plant more garden.

These are the broccoli and cauliflower out of the garden.  They were both delicious!

In the garden, we are now getting green beans, zucchini both yellow and green, and the sugar pumpkins and butternut squash are really going gangbusters (kinda taking over everything in their path, hence the moving of them next time.  haha)  The peas are finished, though we may try another batch and see what we get.  The lemon cucumbers and pickling cucumbers are finally getting flowers, so perhaps with a bit more sun, we would actually get some.  We are restarting on the lettuce, as we picked (and let go to seed) the rest and need to start over.  Was very nice not to have to purchase lettuce from the store.  The beets need to be reseeded also and will be starting more onions and leeks.  Also, got some brussel sprouts to try and some cabbage, so that will be going in also.

The pad for Mom and Ray's house, excuse me, cottage is done.

Rob has been working on cutting a path around our property line so we (this would be the royal WE, as I am sure that Rob will be doing most of the work lol) can put up a fence and then make separate pastures to rotate the animals in and out of, followed by the chickens.

This is up the right side (north) of the property line as you look at the house.

This is along the back end of the property from north to south.  Rob is now working his way down in the backhoe from the south back corner to the front south corner to finish up the path around the property lines.

The Midget White turkeys are growing and getting more feathers.  Not sure yet on the sexes, but I am sure we have at least two toms.

Momma Narragansett turkey is sitting on 9 eggs.  She was on 14 eggs on the left side of this fence, but she moved because the goats kept bothering her, and only moved 10 of the eggs.  The rest are on the left side of the fence.  Should be about the beginning of September if she gets any to hatch.  I hope some of them hatch, but not sure if they are fertile, as I am not sure how often the tom has to do his business to make them all fertile and the tom is definitely not as good as Dumbledore at getting it on.  hahahahahaha

The chick in the middle of the picture above is the one rescued from the water bucket the other day.  She is doing fine and dandy.  All are growing well and getting bigger and more feathered.

I believe we will have two if not three roosters from this group.  The two in the back of this picture are roosters for sure.

Off to mow what is left of the lawn.  Later!

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