Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunny Day! YAY!

This is the all red buck we have left out of all the babies.  He is turning really dark on his head, neck and chest.   He's very cute and friendly though.  

These are the tomato plants with lots of flowers, though don't see any fruit yet.  There are so many because I planted them four to a group thinking some would die.  Well, as you can see, none did die, which is very nice, but will make for lots of tomatoes if they ever get any.  haha

These are the pepper plants, there are red, orange, yellow and Nardello peppers, which are kinda skinny and red and orange I believe.  Anyway, they are doing super with lots of flowers also, though no fruit yet either.  The tomatoes on one side and the pumpkins on the other side are trying to take them over, but I keep moving everything out of the way.

These would be the sugar pumpkins we planted.  I believe there are four plants in this small planter, so they decided they need to stretch their legs and run over the edges.  We just move them towards the planter when it is time to mow.

These are the lemon cukes that are finally getting flowers on them and getting larger.  These I transplanted, but they all died, so the ones in the pictures we picked up as starts from the Co-Op in Mount Vernon, still organic, though, yea!

These are the pickling cucumbers that were shaded way too much by the zucchini right next to them, so I trimmed some of the leaves to give them some sunshine and they are starting to flower also.

This is one of the heads of heads of cauliflower that we harvested.  I think we have gotten about 2 now and 2 have gone to the goats and Marty, as they were eaten by bugs before we could pick them.

This would be the butternut squash that is taking over the planter.  I looped it up on the fencing that the snap peas were using and it is still going strong.

And this is the new garden area that will be planted with wheat this fall which is right around the corner, though it really does not seen like summer has been here yet.

This is the mangel patch.  Lots and lots of mangels hopefully to feed the chickens and the pigs.

In the middle of the mangels are two acorn squash plants that are thriving.  Flowers but no squash yet.

This would be one of the corn plants that survived the chickens.  Not sure what kind, but hopefully will get a couple of ears.

And this is another of the corn plants that survived the chickens.  I believe this is either popcorn or Hopi blue which is for flour.

Yesterday we had a wood cutting party.  Liam and I stacked the cut wood, Mom and Rob cut the rounds using the wood cutter and Raymond manned the fire for the too old and bark.

Rob put the rounds in and turned them to be cut and Mom controlled the lever that moved the blade forward and back.

Here's where the wood stacks started at.  We ended up with two front and back of the pallets and one sideways in the middle.

And that would be all the wood cut that day.  Probably like 2 cord Rob said.  The other side of the wood shed is full of more rounds, so there will be another cutting party soon.  lol

And today, the Mini hit 100,000, however I was not paying attention and did not catch it for a photo until 100,006.  Oh well, it's still chugging along very nicely.

Off to feed the animals and milk the goats.  Later!

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