Sunday, July 24, 2011

Catch up....

Soooo Happy Sunday!

All is well on Shelley Hill Farm.  The chicks are growing and getting more and more feathers.  I do believe we have at least two roosters, as they have been play/sparring with each other.  Also, on Delaware chickens, you can tell the roosters sooner as their combs are more prominent before the hens are.  

The turkeys poults are growing, growing, growing.  I believe we have two toms as they were doing their "tom" dance today, feathers down at the sides and tail feathers up, slowly strutting sideways at each other.  The other two seemed totally uninterested, however they are younger, so we will just have to wait and see.  

Liam played in a street hockey tournament this weekend with a couple kids from his team last year.  They will get tickets to the opening game of the Silvertips this year.  They competed in the 13 to 17-year-old age group and the other three teams were 16 and 17-year-olds and played on AAA teams, so they did not fair too well, but had a great time, and Liam even got to be the goalie for the last two games.  His coach from last year, Coach Green, was there also and gave Liam a few pointers on being the goalie, as the short video below demonstrates.  

Liam also made a bat house.  He printed off the instructions from the web and Rob showed him how to cut the wood and put it together and then he painted it.  Rob then installed it on the south side of the house above the roof.  According to the article Rob used, it should house 30 to 50 bats.  Would love that as there are lots of mosquitos this year.  

And, last but certainly not least, I picked up a double stainless steel sink in Everett (found on Craigslist for $35) and Rob built a holder for it with a side shelf for us to use in the garden so that we can rinse off the veggies there and not bring in so much dirt and slugs into the house.  I think we might put a container underneath to catch the water that we can either dump to water the garden with or perhaps hook a hose up to to do the same thing.  It works fabulously.  Rob took a chicken feed bag, cut it in half and stapled it to the front so the water wouldn't splash back at us.  We may get a faucet to hook the hose up to or just a short hose and a splitter so the short hose is for the sink.  Right now we are just using the long hose.

Goats are doing well, and Mr. Marty is doing great, loves the watermelon rind and anything from the garden that we toss over the fence.

The tomatoes on the end of the house are loving the warmth there and doing great and all the sunflower seeds have sprouted and also the artichokes I started from seed have sprouted.  

Mom and I took the kids to Lake Goodwin this afternoon and packed a picnic lunch.  Wow was it busy, but the kids had fun, each brought a friend, and mom and I sat and chatted.  What a wonderful sunny day!  Too bad Rob had to work, but you know how it is.  


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