Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday News

Okay, so I believe we have decided to name our farm Shelley Hill Farm.  Has a nice ring to it, don't ya think?  :)

Here is the clothes line in action (if you can really call it "action" cuz it really doesn't move hahahahahaha).  We definitely need another one, cuz this is only one load of whites, so one more same size has been ordered.

We picked up 5 baby Midget White Turkey chicks yesterday.  They are camped out in an extra dog crate with chicken wire run around the inside, as they are small enough to just walk right through the regular wires of the dog crate.  They have a cardboard box with pine shavings and a heat lamp, a chicken feeder for food and a waterer.  They are very loud, like turkeys can be lol, and look a lot like the baby chickens.

Isn't he/she cute?!!  They totally fall asleep standing up and then waver there until they either fall over or end up leaning on one another in a big swaying bunch.  Turkeys are not the smartest birds around as Rob put a flat lid with just a little water in it for them and one them promptly fell asleep with his beak in the water, so yes, they can drown themselves.  He is okay, though, did not drown and all is well.

The baby chicks (chickens, not turkeys) were busy outside with momma (Mrs. Weasley) and could scoot right through the fence of the goats, so the goats were busy trying to figure out what these little things were.  They would get their noses pretty close then the chicks would scurry off to momma again.  It was pretty funny!

Here was our take from the garden last night, along with about 20 strawberries!!!  We made a salad, with lettuce we had already picked, cut up the carrots, snap peas and shelled some peas, cut up the beets and voila, yummy, yummy homegrown salad!!!  The strawberries were eaten for dessert with scones and whipped cream!!  Talk about a fabulous dinner/dessert for the evening!!

We are off to the Highland Games in Mount Vernon today.  Should be great fun!  Later.

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