Saturday, July 9, 2011

More chick happenings

Here's Mrs. Weasley (Momma) above and below with her seven chicks out for the first time showing them how to take a dust bath and scratch.  They followed her around everywhere with little wings out running when they got left behind.  haha

After putting her back in the tractor, she had chicks under and on top of her.  There were two chicks on her back at one time, but of course, I didn't take the picture quick enough.

Rob got our clothesline installed yesterday, which we promptly decided would not be enough so we will get another one the same length (25 feet) and use one of the same poles to mount it to.  Now if it can just be sunny so we can dry our clothes, that would be wonderful.  Won't hold my breath this summer, though.

Have a super weekend!

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