Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cleaning up the Garden and things

So fall is definitely here and summer, well heck not much of one this year.  Rob and Liam are getting ready for their deer hunting season starting in a couple of days.  I went with them to the rifle range the other day.  I have to say it was a little loud and interesting.  

On the left is Rob sighting in his rifle and Liam is looking through the scope to see where the bullet hits the target.  

And, here is Liam with Rob looking through the scope.  Liam actually shot better than Rob did, haha.  Dad taught him well.

So below in front is the pickle relish, middle is apple/rhubarb butter (OMG could just eat this straight it is sooooooo good) and the far box behind has more apple/rhubarb butter and four jars of lemon cucumber pickles.  On that same day, we baked 12 sugar pumpkins and made pumpkin puree and pumpkin/apple/rhubarb butter, all of which are in the freezer now.

This would be the bounty of tomatoes from the garden with the ones on the end of the house still to be picked.  Since they are still green, I am going to try a green tomato relish recipe I found and see how that turns out.  Also found a green tomato soup recipe to try.

This would be the first batch of potatoes we got from the garden,

And these are the second, with more on the deck drying.  A pretty good year all in all for potatoes.  Didn't like how the German butter potatoes turned out, though, some insect really liked them, so won't be trying those next year.

These are the dried beans so far that have been picked.  There is one more row of plants I am waiting for to finish drying.  I think next year would need to plant more than two short rows to get enough though.  lol

And this is our apple cider vinegar experiment.  We took the leftovers from the apple butter the other day, covered them with water and sugar (1 quart to 1/4 cup ratio) and now let it sit for a week covered with cheescloth.  Then strain and let sit for another 2 to 3 weeks again covered with cheesecloth.  Will let you know how it comes out.

Mom and Raymond's house is coming along.  They finished the inside clean/painting last night and today the carpet is supposed to be put down.  Still need to get the skirting, gutters, and backfill around the house, but hopefully they can start to move at the end of this week.  YAY!  They are certainly ready to have a little more room than our 26' RV gives them.  lol


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