Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Happenings!

October is Homecoming month at the high school.  Kara went to her Homecoming dance with Tyler.  Can't believe my little girl is so grown up!  How time flies when you are having fun!!  Cousin Makayla did Kara's hair which was gorgeous!!!

Also, fall is hunting season and Rob and Liam headed off in late October for deer hunting.  And........ Liam got his first deer!!!  It was a doe, about 75 pounds and is currently at the butchers being made into salami and pepperoni.  He was very excited and check out the smile on his face!!!

Rob is elk hunting now so will let you know how that turns out.  He really wants to get an elk this year.  The camp they were at he saw no elk for about 3 days and so they packed up and moved the camp to a different location.  Now he is seeing elk, just hasn't seen anything he can legally shoot at.  Hopefully, he can get one this week!

Just to catch up on the farm, the two turkeys that Momma Turkey hatched out are growing bigger.

These would be the meat chickens which will be processed in a couple of weeks.  There are about 12 of them with six going to Alex's dad and four going to Aylia and Alex.  The remainder will be for us.  The Rooster in the center that is black will be replacing Dumbledore, I believe.  Dumbledore hurt his foot somehow, probably sparring with the big turkey tom as he likes to do and has been limping ever since.

The midget white turkeys are growing also.  I believe we may process two or three of the males at the same time we do the chickens this month, as we are trying to get down to a breeding pair.

And, Robert has been busy once again.  When is he not busy, really!??  This would be the pigs' new house, made out of pallets and they love it!!!  They make a pigpile in that back corner and are happy as can be.

This would be the pig pack.  They are sure growing and are very muscular, looks like they work out!  hahaha

And I noticed the early garlic has already sprouted!!!!!  Yay.  The late garlic has not sprouted yet, so hopefully in the next week or two.

These are the new Light Brahmas and Buff Orpingtons that we got.  We did lose one Buff, not sure to what, but that's how it goes.  They are getting more and more feathers and Mom and I are going to be setting up their place outside, still with the light for a while, as this space has become too small for all of them as they are growing.

Mom and I have been busy dehydrating apples, and are canning more pears also.  Liam seems to have a jar a day if not two, so not sure how long they are going to last.  :)

It's chilly and windy up here today.  Might have to start a fire in the woodstove!


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