Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday morning, brrrrr

A little chilly this morning.  27 degrees when I got up at 6 a.m.  (Yes I did remember to set my clocks back an hour so it really was 6 a.m. lol)  Started some dough for cinnamon rolls, as that just sounded good.  Did some work on the laptop and then spread all the goodies on the dough and rolled and cut and they are now rising before putting them in the oven.

And here they are all done.  They were very very yummy!!!  However, the cream I poured over before cooking did boil over and created a lot of smoke in the house, what a pain in the ass!  So now I am cleaning the oven yet again, which I had just done like three weeks ago.  Now it will be super duper clean, I guess.

This last week, Mom and I canned 80 pounds of pears (Mom kept commenting, "Whoever thought we would be canning pears in November?"), but we got such a great deal at Fred Meyer and purchased 40 pounds of Bartlett pears and 40 pounds of D'anjou pears.  We also "broke in" Mom's new cooktop which was large enough to do two canners at the same time, making things go a little faster.  Raymond was the official pear peeler and did a fabulous job.  Then Mom halved, took out the core and sliced in fourths and my job was to put the pears in the light syrup mix, then into jars, ladle syrup into jars, lids on and then into the canner.  We did the Bartlett pears one day and the D'anjou another.

Below is what 40 pounds of pears looks like canned.  So we have double this as we did 80 pounds.  However, Liam seems to be having at least one jar a day, so if he continues at that rate, mine will not be lasting very long.  :)

Mom and I also got our kitchen islands painted.  They started out white and we "transformed" them to black, which fits much better in both our kitchens.  I really like it soooooooo much better than when it was white.  Yay!

Project today is to move the chicken tractors to one spot for the winter and start the deep bedding process so we don't have to move them this winter and they can make new garden beds that are well fertilized for us!  Also, the Buff Orpingtons and Light Brahmas will be moving to a larger chicken tractor as they are growing, growing, growing and the crate they are in is too small.

We are also taking down the washing machine, that broke right after Mom got hers installed.  We have been using the "Kanarick Laundromat" to do our washing.  How convenient is that?!  hahahahaha  Anyway, we are taking our machine in to hopefully get fixed.  We called out the repair guy that has fixed things before and it is the mother board that is not working, so he informed us the cost of repair would be $600.  Umm, well that really did not work for us.  Rob called the appliance place located next to Harvey Field in Snohomish where we have gotten a few used/scratched/dented appliances and they said they could fix it for $160 or so if we bring it it.  So we will be dropping it off today and picking it up sometime this next week, and hopefully it will be good as new.

Enjoy your Sunny Sunday!

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