Monday, October 15, 2012

Windy October!

Hi there!  Been busy preserving, canning, freezing, and dehydrating all the garden had to offer this year.

This below is our first of many batches of tomato sauce that we canned.  Unfortunately for me, this huge pot below managed to unglue the side of the laminate counter top on the right.  The counter top on the right sits higher (closer to the stove top), which I did not take into account.  Poop!  The rest of the tomatoes using this pot were done over at Mom's, as she has more burners than I do and we could run both canners at the same time.  

From the tomato sauce we made and this ginormous zucchini that got by us in the zucchini patch (they do hide well) I ground up some chicken, add the tomato sauce and stuffed the inside of the zucchini, then baked it and voila!  It was super yummy!

This would be one of many cabbages we have picked.  We have purple cabbage too.  Lots of coleslaw yay!!  Might just need to find a sauerkraut recipe that I like.  hmmmmm

We finally started to dig up all our potatoes and below are the largest of all the potatoes dug up.  The two in the middle are russet and the two outside ones are Yukon Gold.  (The red potato is for size reference.)  If I remember correctly, one of these weight 2.5 pounds and another just over 2 pounds.  Yooza!

This would be Rob's idea of size reference, the beer can.  hahahahahaha

These were only two of the many, many, many green beans we got (and picked at Freshly Doug Vegetables in Stanwood) and then canned and even made dilly beans!

We are the proud owners of two new piggies!!!  They are both female this time, as Robert is thinking of keeping ours for breeding instead of butchering.  We will see.  They are busy rooting up the dug up potato patch below and having a great time!

Made homemade corn tortillas and Spanish Rice for dinner the other night!  Talk about yummy yummy for your tummy!

Mom and I tackled the garage after Robert and Liam left for hunting to Spokane.  We organized all our canned items on two wire shelves that Mom had.  The boxes on the bottom of each (three shelves on the right and four on the left) are all our potatoes that we have dug!!!!!  Think we are set for the winter with potatoes.  Not sure how many pounds we actually dug up, but are going to be weighing them as we use them so we can keep a total! The shelves above the potatoes have our canned tomatoes, tomato sauce, ketchup, green beans, pickles (both sweet and dill), peaches, cranberry mustard that we canned.  Woohoo!

Robert and Liam went elk hunting, as Robert got a new muzzle loader rifle.  And............. he got an elk!  Woohoo!  Lots of elk hamburger, steaks, roasts and gonna be making some jerky!  Since the elk went down aways from their camp, Rob had to debone the meat where the elk went down and then pack it up out of the valley to their camp.  He said that was a lot of work (understatement of the year I am sure) and it took three (3) trips to get all the meat back to camp.  When he got home, we weighed the meat at Tuss' (the butcher we use on the island) and after Rob gave away about 50 pounds to the guy he was hunting with, he had 171 pounds of elk meat still.  Soooo, it was a pretty good-sized elk.

Below, is the picture Robert sent me of him deboning the elk.  And no, he does not have a bald spot on the back of his head, that is just where the sun happened to be hitting him.  hahahaha

Right now, Robert and Liam are deer hunting in Spokane with his brother Joe.  So hopefully more venison for the freezer is on the way!


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  1. No wonder you haven't had time to update your blog!! Gracious girl, you've been a busy, busy little farmer. I love pigs. We always kept two when the boys were growing up. They were the only animals that knew to poop in one spot. We had cows, ducks, chickens, pheasants, goats, rabbits and a horse. Our gardens and fruit trees grew really well with this mixture of fertilizer! ha Sorry about the counter top. Bummer.