Tuesday, January 1, 2013

And on to 2013! Happy New Year!

Sooo, it's been way too long, but we have been busy and the first item up is a NEW PUPPY!!!!  Robert's brother, Joe, bred his black lab, Walker, to a chocolate lab and she had puppies.  For the stud fee, Joe wanted pick of the litter, which he then gave to Robert, who if you can't tell from the second picture, loves the puppy!!!!  We picked him up the day before Thanksgiving.

Now for the name of the puppy.  Robert and Liam were having a conversation after Robert got off the phone with Joe one time.  Liam asked, "Uncle Joe's dog's name is Walker, right?"  Robert replied, "Yes."  Liam then proceeded with, "Well we should name the puppy Runner then!"  hahahahahaha  And that is what the puppy is named.

Runner is now 14 weeks old and is doing great.  He already has learned how to sit, shake, lay down, and stay.  Meeah and Jake are okay with him, Jake will play with him but Meeah really does not want to play with him.  She lets him know and then he usually stops (the key word being usually).

This would be Kara with Runner right after we picked him up.

And this would be Robert with Runner right after we picked him up.

Kara again,

Jake's halter fits on Runner for now, so that is what we are using when taking him for walks and such.

See, Jake does like him!  haha  They both squished in the bed together to take a nap.  Robert put up metal fencing (like the picture below) to separate the kitchen from the living room, as it is sooooooo much easier to clean up puppy messes off the kitchen floor than the carpet.  This will stay in place until at least after the holidays.  He is getting pretty good with the potty thing and lets us know when he needs to go out by going to the back door and barking.

Obviously, Robert and Runner had a hard day at work. :)

This was Runner sitting for me this morning so I could snap a picture.

Again with the sitting.

Robert and I took Runner on a walk the other day and he decided he need to carry this large stick with him.  Too funny!

This was right after we got him,

And so is this.

Vanessa and Ramyar planned going to get Christmas trees in the snow this year, so we took Runner with us.  No Christmas trees were "caught" as it snowed the night before we went up like 3-4 feet I believe.  We had a lot of fun in the snow anyway as the pictures below show.

First up is the video of Runner with Kara in the snow.  He hopped through the snow like a deer would, had a great time and crashed in the afternoon in the car!  In the video, that is Robert on the right side digging out where we built the fire to stay warm.  

This would be Liam throwing a snowball at me beside the fire.

And this is Kara and Bella and Runner building, not sure what.  haha

This would be Liam, Ram, Robert, and Randy in the front and behind Randy is Vanessa and Syler.

Joann getting her coat on.  Woohoo!

And this is the lovely snowman/woman that Vanessa, Bella, and Kara built.  The eyes are made out of almonds, the nose is a piece of dried papaya, and the mouth is made from chocolate chips.  hahaha Very creative!

And here are the three builders with their snowman/woman.

And Kara giving him/her a kiss.  You go girl!

So we decided to get a live tree this year for Christmas, then we can plant it outside afterwards.  Hopefully, this will work and we can add a new tree to our property.  Kara decorated our tree and Liam decorated Gma and Gpa Kanarick's tree.  

So I believe the pigs might need a larger house, as her head is hanging out.  hahaha.  They do still fit inside, just not sure why she needed her head hanging out this time.

Here's all the chickens after I let them out this morning.  We have settled on Light Brahma's and Ted, the rooster, is in the back in the middle with the blacker feathers on his tail.

This would be our piggy this time.  She is very friendly and loves to be scratched behind her ears.

That's ours on the right and Mom and Ray's on the left.

They have done a fabulous job of "tilling" up the rocks and roots and such for us.  We will be moving the pigs soon and then go pick rocks and such out and do a cover crop to turn over in the spring.

This is the pit they have been working on.  It is deep enough when they stand in it you can't see their legs.  haha.  Must be something good down there.

So there has been a lot of water runoff that keeps tripping our alarm on the septic.  Robert and Liam dug trenches yesterday and dug down to expose some of the drains Robert put in when we first moved up here.  

Below is the "quick fix" that Robert did until we could get the parts he needed today to add a downspout from the covering of the deck.

This would be the exposed drain that shows all the water runoff.

And this below would be the finished project with rock in place for drainage and a new downspout from the roof!  Waaaaaaayyyyyyy less soggy than before!  Yay!

I made the most awesome chicken pot pie the other night!!  OMG it was sooooooo yummy.  It included our chicken, our carrots and peas from the garden and the homemade crust was soooo good.  I even had some left over crust to do those yummies with sugar/cinnamon in the oven.  They did not last long! :)

And this would be the recipe used!

No, Robert does not wear glasses normally, but Nikolai got him these for Christmas so he could drink hands free.  (And doesn't he look very intellectual?)   HAHAHAHAHAHA  We decided if they were paired up with one of those ball caps that holds the drink it would be awesome!  

Kara and I have matching snowflake earrings (I got mine from her for my birthday and Christmas!)

Finally, it has taken me three years to put these together trying to find all the photos (guess I should have started to be organized earlier in life :) haha).  I started with kindergarten at the top and ended with their senior photo in the center.  Anyway, got them all done right before Christmas as a gift to myself.  Fun to look at how they have changed or not changed through the years!  What awesome kids!



Kara, (notice how she only has one photo left, senior year!!!!  Where did the time go?)

And Liam, who has a couple of years left.

Here is a photo of Runner taken this morning as he was playing with his piggy toy.  He now weighs 23 pounds and is becoming kinda gangly.  Such a great puppy though.  Loves being outside.

In closing today, my New Years' resolutions are to spend less $$ this year, become even more self-sufficient, and to post a little more often than I have been lately!  Hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve and now on to 2013!  

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