Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bunnies and more!

We have bunnies!  We have decided to try and raise bunnies for meat for us and the dogs, thinking that they would produce more (you know how bunnies are, lol) quicker and shorter turnaround than chickens, though will still be doing some chickens also.

Below is the buck.

And one of the does,

And the other doe.

They are 13 weeks old right now, so not ready to breed yet.  They need to be at least 4 months old to breed so will be a little while yet.  They are a cross between Rex, New Zealand, and Silver Fox.  The buck should get to be about 20 pounds and the does 18 or so.  They are so funny to watch nibbling at the veggies we give them!  Not sure if we are gonna name them or not yet.  I think just calling the buck Buck should be fine.  lol

Below is the awesome hutch x3 we picked up off Craigslist for $25!  What a bargain!  Just had to purchase feeders and waterers and it gives us an extra hutch for when the females are pregnant, one for each.  As you can see below the hutches, Robert fashioned some black plastic so all the bunny poopoo goes into the green box, which can then be used for fertilizer as it is not hot!  Woot, can't have too much fertilizer!

 Below is the new part of the piggies run as Robert extended the fence.  This is only after one day they dug up that much.  They are true rototillers for sure!!!  Just work for food!

So we were gonna put the bunnies on the outside of the feed/tool shed, but the roof would have been too low and it was warmer inside, so that is where Robert installed them and their hutch.  Which means the tools got moved outside under the extension of roofing.  Looks pretty good to me and easier to grab a tool than always opening the door.  

Notice the turkeys in the background on top of the little house Marty stands in when it is raining.  We have Mr. Tom, the two older hens, and I believe there are three more hens and three more toms also.

We also moved the compost containers outside of the garden area and put them all in one spot, so first it goes in the black box on the left of the picture, then gets turned into the wooden bin on the left, and then the one on the right and finally goes into the turning composter to finish.  What a great system!!!

I'm getting antsy about starting seeds, but will hold off until mid February.  I always seem to start them too soon and then have no place to transplant them as it is not warm enough!  haha.  Can't wait to get back to working in the garden this spring/summer!


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