Saturday, June 11, 2011

Getting the good stuff!

This is the lettuce I picked yesterday.  And spinach on the bottom right.  The hole-ly leaves were fed to Pig and Marty, who loved them!  Also, we have had 3 ripe strawberries so far, but the first 2 were half eaten by slugs, so again, Pig and Marty benefitted and were very thankful, I'm sure.

This was the third ripe strawberry from the patch this year, without slug bites out of it!  YAY!  We split it 3 ways, as it was Mom, Raymond and myself at home, and I can't tell you how sweet, juicy and delicious it was!  Can't wait for more now.

This is the patch Rob rototilled for corn, beans, squash, and mangels.  So far, only all the mangels have come up along with 2, yes only 2, starts of corn.  No beans whatsoever or squash.  Poop.  I know the chickens have been here, perhaps rearranging some of the seeds, as the mangels are no longer in straight rows, and I know I am perfect enough to plant them that way.  hahahahahaha.  The far end I finished yesterday with more mangels and 2 rows of acorn squash.  We might be putting a fence around this, if only to keep out the chickens.

On the chicken front, we have been getting 6 eggs a day with an occasional double yolker, still not sure which chicken lays it, but thank you very much!  We do have one chicken that has become broody, so is sitting on 11 eggs currently.  We should be watching them start to hatch around the 29th of this month.  I am so excited.  We can definitely use more layers as we seem to be going through the 6 eggs a day pretty easily.  If there are roosters in the new hatching ones, they will be raised as broilers and harvested.

We have sold all but the red buck.  He is being weaned and is a little noisy to say the least.  He hangs out with Gus now, but likes to go rest next to the fence next to Phoebe, his mama.

Pig is going to be harvested the end of this month.  He is looking fabulous, can't wait for the ham, chops, and bacon, and we are going to be using the back fat for rendering lard, also.

Planted all the free trees we got at the Mother Earth News Fair.  Quaking Aspen, Vine Maple and Alaskan Yellow Cedar.  Put them right inside the fence of the garden and then will transplant for sure when we decide where we would like them.

Going out to sit by the fire now on the front porch and drink some blackberry wine mom got!


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