Monday, June 13, 2011

Planting Herbs!

Got a nice early start today and transplanted the herbs in the garden.  First of all moved all the pots off the front deck, where I originally wanted to plant the herbs, but the lovely chickens would have had a smorgasbord, so can't leave them there.

Put the pots along the edges of the raised beds already there and planted basil (Genovese), chocolate mint (mom picked this one up and boy does it smell good!), purple basil (Heirloom), chives, thyme, peppermint (smells just like peppermint, very excited to actually use this for tea!  I love peppermint!), sage, and rosemary.  Not too sure how tall/wide any of these get as I have not planted herbs before.  I guess I will find out.  :)

Yesterday also planted some turnips, and we broke down and purchased some starts for lemon cucumbers and pickling cucumbers because I had tried from seed twice and both times when I transplanted they died, so oh well.

We got 2 more strawberries this morning and two more are starting to turn red.  Yay!  The raspberries are starting to form the berries and boy the bees have been busy around them.  The potatoes are starting to flower.  The tomatoes are doing well and growing.  Hopefully the sun will return and warm them up again.  The peppers are doing okay, can't really tell if they will make it or not.  Some look like they have new growth and some don't, so hmmm.

I "weeded" the front bed yesterday.  My style of weeding, removed all the big rocks, sticks and other items and then mowed, I mean weeded it.  hahahahaha  Looks much better, I think and we will be keeping only the bed around the water spout anyway, so will be reseeding with lawn for now.

The fruit trees have some fruit.  One of the pear trees that has never produced actually has some pears, the Asian pear tree has lots of fruits, the apple trees aren't too good perhaps with 10 apples total, and the cherry trees are loaded, but need to try to keep the birds off them.  The peach tree Rob planted has not really budded or anything, so not sure if it just needs more sun or because when we planted it, it then snowed the next day, perhaps it was too stressed and died.  So will give it this summer and see if it does anything and if not, will try again.

Am thinking of getting a fig tree, as I love fig newtons and putting along the front of the house where it gets nice and warm during the summer.  Mom said she had one on Mercer Island when she lived there and it did great, so may have to look into this.

We have sold all the goat kids except for P1, the all red buck.  He is doing fine, hanging out with Gus and Rob, like here.

Here is the Momma Chicken as she is sitting on her eggs.  She fluffs herself up and clucks when you get too close.

She changed nesting boxes yesterday, so Rob had to pick her up and put her back in the one with all the eggs.  Guess she didn't like the view from the other box.  hahaha

Anyway that's about it for now.  Have a super day!

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