Monday, February 27, 2012

Exciting Monday Morning!

Good Monday Morning!  This would be the picture I saw this morning as I looked out the back door before going to feed everyone (though one thing is missing as you will see in a moment.)  I thought "Oh cool, the babies are out and so is everyone else."

Then in the background behind the goat house, I saw what was not steam but smoke and thought "Holy Shit!"  That would be why there is no picture of the smoke as I was hauling ass to get the water to the goat house.  

Apparently the goats had knocked down the light and it fell flat on the floor right next to the wall.  The house was filled with smoke and I was afraid if I picked up the light, the whole thing would go whoosh up in flames.  Of course this would be the morning the hose was frozen as it is only 30 right now at 9:48 a.m.  I grabbed the goats water bucket and went into the goat house, after picking up the light (and there was no whoosh just more smoke) dumped the entire bucket on the hole in the floor and the side piece of wood.  I refilled the water bucket three more times and dumped it on there to make sure there was no more smoke.

This would be the hole in the floor of the goat house and * right where that * is is where the piece of wood was that was closing the goat door, now removed.

That would be the piece of wood that was blocking the goat door on the left, the piece of log that was holding it in place and the hole in the goat house floor from outside.

This is the lovely light that the goats knocked down and landed face down.  The light still works, though there is black soot covering the entire inside of the metal casing.

All is well, goats and kids are fine.  Monica still has not had her babies, but should be soon.  We had a scare with the R2 as he had diarrhea, but gave him probiotics and cinnamon and it cleared right up!  He is bouncing around just like R1.

Below are the baby chicks, we had 24 hatch out but have lost 4 so are down to 20 now.  They all seem to be doing great and are very loud chirpers.  lol  A few have feathered feet, a few don't, a few have copper heads and some have white/yellow feathers.  Am excited to see what they look like as they grow.

These would be the veggie starts in the front window that will be planted this week.  Onions and kohlrabi and lettuce will be planted.  All the tomatoes will be transplanted and kept inside, obviously haha.  There are herbs, watermelon, and sweet peppers also that will be transplanted and kept inside.  We got some nice "blankets" for the hoops in the garden to keep it warmer as they are transplanted.  Still lets in light and rain through them.

Well, that is all for my exciting morning.  Thank goodness I didn't have to call the fire department as Rob was working and that would have just been weird.


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