Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hump Day!

So, we picked up our two pigs and Mom and Ray's 1/2 pig and filled the back of the Mini.  We were low riding all the way home.  Lots and lots of chops, roasts, and back fat for rendering lard, which I did today and am finishing tomorrow.  We pick up the hams and bacon this next week.

Below is the back of the Mini with all the meat loaded in it.  Just a bit o'meat.  hahaha

I have been making my own yogurt for a while and tried a new yogurt cheese.  Pretty much you make the yogurt the same way, drain the whey off and then press the "cheese" in cheesecloth and voila, yogurt cheese.  It is very yummy and pretty much just like cream cheese.  Now to make bagels to put it on.

We had my favorite Spanish rice recipe tonight, and made homemade flour tortillas.  They turned out yummy.

Pressed the dough balls in the tortilla press first and then rolled them thin.

Does that look like a happy tortilla or what?  Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that, just smiling back at me.  lol

Mom and I got the seeds started, finally.  And only 6 more days until hopefully we have baby chicks start to hatch from the incubated batch.  Will keep you up to date on that!


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