Friday, January 28, 2011


Friday yet again.  Been a little off today, not sure why and it's only 10:10 a.m.  We are trying to decide what to do with the turkeys.  They are fun to watch and we do want to raise them to harvest for meat, but the decision is how to do house them.  I am sooooo tired of the poop on the deck and if we don't do something, they will be in the garden, which would make me lose my mind (no really, I haven't already, really (hahaha)), so something needs to be done.  Rob and I talked about make a turkey tractor like he did for the chickens, which I think would be great to just raise and then harvest them in, but if we want to actually breed them, then we will need a permanent or almost permanent large structure to keep them in with a movable run perhaps.  They really are gorgeous animals and yet can be so stupid at times, running up and down the fence because they can't figure out if they stepped back, they could go around the fence as there is no door.

We might possibly be getting rid of Joey, either harvesting him for meat or selling him, as we moved the girls to another pen and left Joey in to keep Gus company, but, AHA, now I realize why they put the bucks by themselves.  Gus has become a little too friendly with Joey and Joey runs about letting us know about it and how he wants out.  We could put Joey in with the girls, but really in the scheme of things, he is just costing us more money in feed, so he may need to go.  We do want to make our livestock cost effective, after all.

I finished 6 more garden beds yesterday, weeding around the edges and adding a layer of compost/mulch.  Only 4 left, which I will be finishing today.  Rob took down the fence around where the turkeys and chickens were and is in the process of moving it around the garden area to deter the animals, deer, and such from the garden area.  We talked about possibly putting gutters on the garden shed and the goat sheds to catch rain water in barrels to use for their drinking water and also for the garden.  Did not make a decision yet, but will let you know.

I think the corn is going to be planted in the front where we took out part of the flower bed, as it is good soil and will get full sun, and there is a water hookup right there, though if we add a rain barrel to the front corner of the house, we could use that also.  We just need to move the wisteria that is planted there.  Another project for Rob as I wanted an archway thingy to put the wisteria on.  Kinda like this.

That will be when he has "spare time" hahahahahaha, like he has so much.  (This is at Silverwood in Idaho, where we went last summer.)

OMG the sun has come out.  I am blinded by the light.  Now I have to go find that song on iTunes.  hahaha


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