Thursday, January 20, 2011

Raining yet again :(

Really, really tired of the rain.  The back yard is a soggy mess.  Like the green, but do we really need all this rain?  Snow is so much prettier.  And not so soggy.

Rob made a new fenced yard for the soon to be momma goats, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe, and their soon to be kids.  It has been very noisy, as they are not at all happy at being separated from Gus, the buck and Joey, his faithful sidekick wether.  The girls stand at the fence and call, call, call and the guys answer back.  Hopefully this will settle down soon.
From left to right, Rachel, Phoebe and Monica.
Joey on the left and Gus on the right.

The new chickens and rooster, Dumbledore, are doing fabulous and are almost old enough to lay.  I can't wait for our own eggs again.  Yay!

We are definitely making a turkey tractor for the turkeys as I am very tired of the poop on the back porch.  Also, Liam and I planted some bulbs that they keep digging up as the new growth pops above the ground, so we have to keep planting them, like 6 times of replanting.  Pain in the behind!!!  And, since I am definitely putting in a large garden this year, that would drive me INSANE!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of the garden, I finished my list of seeds I need to order and will be ordering those today.  Yay!  I have been saving toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls to use to start the seeds inside, probably in the garage on a table.  It is so much easier to plant plant starts than seeds, I think and instant gratification is always nice!  To see the plants right away after you plant them not have to wait for them to come up and then not sure if they are plant or weed!  Haha.  This is the before photo of the garden.  Obviously was not used last year, but definitely in the years to come, so needs a little work, but will be worth it.

Just finished making a loaf of buttermilk, oatmeal bread.  Now the house smells sooooooooo wonderful.  Have a fabulous day!

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