Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting into Baking!

So, I have been scouring books and the internet for recipes and just made my first batch of homemade bagels.  They turned out wonderful!!!  YAY.  Also made empanadas last night with taco meat and cheese filling.  Very yummy with sour cream.  Am making pirogies today, will keep you updated on that.

I have been making my own bread for a while now, using my Zojirushi bread machine, what an awesome machine.  Made the bagel dough in this, also.

My husband made a chicken tractor for me for my birthday!!  The chickens love it.  They get excited in the morning, because they know they will get moved to fresh grass to peck at!!  They pace back and forth and "talk" to me as I am moving it.  Then they peck, peck, peck at the new grass to eat.  They are so fun to watch.  We are in the process of naming the chickens and will use colored leg bands to tell them apart, as they look very similar (all Delaware chickens).  My mom has named one Snow White 7D and is going to name one more.  I am thinking of names like Ethel and Lucy, and Betty White (hahaha).  We have one rooster, Dumbledore (yes, the kids and I are huge fans of Harry Potter series), and he keeps the hens in order.  They are 14 weeks old now, give or take a little, so hopefully in another month we will have our own eggs again!!!  Yay.  One less trip to the store.

I am going to try to be more faithful to this blog and type something each day.  Love you all!


  1. Awesome! Did you use molds for the bagels?

  2. Nope, rolled them into balls and then poked my finger thru the middle and then kind of circled my finger/hand/arm (hahahaha) in the air to make the hole larger. Thought perhaps I could roll the dough and then make a circle out of it, but that did not work, so will stick with the ball/finger hole poke bit. The kids love them and they are so easy with the bread machine making the dough!