Thursday, March 3, 2011


Here is the turkey tractor below.  It comes apart into 2 pieces, which we can move separately and then put back together.  The red house has 2 nests in it for the hens, which will hopefully be put to good use soon.  We will be moving this every couple of days to new grass for them, just like the chicken tractor gets moved.

Below is Marty and Pig grazing in the front yard.  Rob let them all out yesterday and they went to town on the longer grass and weeds.  Yay!  That is Gus in the background on the left.  Pig is growing and is becoming a little less skittish.  He actually let me give him a scratch while he was eating yesterday.
I got the rest of our seeds started.  All but some pepper plants have sprouted, and I will be planting the cold tolerant sprouts this weekend in the garden.  Am going to try to use old milk jugs with the bottoms cut off for cloches to keep the new sprouts safe and warmer until they grow a little bit more.  Aylia and Kasara are saving milk jugs also, so we should have plenty, as Aylia says the coffee stand goes through 10 gallons a day.  I guess my Mini will be full of milk jugs this weekend when I go to collect them!  haha

Am working on the planter in front of our window and taking out the roses.  These will be replaced with 6 different types of blueberries with early season, mid season and late season, so we should end up with blueberries all through the growing season.

Kara has started up with fastpitch and is on the SHS JV team this year.  Not sure which position she will be playing, she wants to do first base or third base.  Liam has his hockey state playoffs in 2 weeks and baseball has started for him also.

Am trying to decide where to plant the corn and beans, because they are companion plants and need full sun, so probably some other place than the garden, as I don't think there is room in the garden.  When I decide that, pictures will follow.

The raspberries, strawberries and the peach tree all made it through the cold snap we had with snow and all, thank goodness!  Will be purchasing some floating row covers for the plants, also, as a deterrent for birds and slugs.

Have a good one!

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