Monday, February 28, 2011

I want one or two or perhaps three. LOL

Please visit this link on Olde English Babydoll Southdown sheep.  OMG, what cuties they are!  If you click on the link above, go to the right side of the page and click on meet the flock, and then videos, you can see them in action.

We stopped in Spokane this last weekend and saw some, as there is a breeder out there I found online.  They are so cute.  This will definitely be a new addition sometime.  They will be used for mowing the lawn and for their fleece, as I am knitting again and it would be great to have my own supply of wool.

Still no eggs from the chickens yet, but really should be anytime.  And, still no goat kids yet, though the the girls are definitely getting wider.  HAHAHA  That's Phoebe staring at the camera and Rachel's chubby belly below.  I think Rachel will kid first, as she has been the biggest of all and her udder feels full.  We felt the kids move in Rachel and Monica tonight, but Phoebe is still skittish, so it's hard to get her stand still.  We'll keep you informed as to when the kids arrive.  Can't wait!!!

Can't tell you how nice it was to come home Sunday night and have no turkey poop on the back deck!!! Wow, so nice.

Rob moved the chickens today, as there was not as much snow (though we did get an extra 2 inches this morning, then it cleared off and was sunny and it mostly melted, go figure), and the chickens went crazy for the new grass.  We had not moved them during all the snow for the past couple of days.

I found some great recipes and new blog if anyone is interested.  Definitely going to try the ketchup, mayonnaise, and the marmalade.  Really like this blog site, as she lives here in Seattle, so gardening tips are a little more closer to home regarding weather and planting and such.  Also, a great grinder for the corn we will be growing for cornmeal; this was recommended by the NW Edibles blog above.  Not expensive, but does the job well, they say.

All five of the starts containers have sprouted, now to keep them growing and get a little sturdier before transplanting them this next month.  I just received the red mangel beets to use as feed for the chickens and pigs this next year.  I can plant some now and in the summer for a fall harvest, too.

Am going to be checking on the peach tree, raspberries and strawberries tomorrow and see how they held up under the straw and snow.  Hopefully no damage done.

Have a super evening!

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