Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pinot Noir Time

So I made 3 batches of dinner rolls to put in the freezer for easy use later on.  Will have to track how long they last.

We had stir fry for dinner, grass fed beef cut into thin strips and sauteed with olive oil and teriyaki sauce.  Then sauteed red and yellow peppers with leeks, garlic, olive oil, and baby bok choy.  Put it all over rice.  Should have taken a picture, cuz it was AWESOME!!!

So the garden is all cleaned up.  Weeded and mulched the beds and replaced the boards that need to be replaced, except for one long one that we don't have a replacement for, so that will have to wait.  We started to put straw in between the beds to keep the weeds/grass down so no mowing will be needed.  Rob has put a fence around the garden.  Still needs a gate/door, but it looks good, don't cha think?

  I am so excited to get going on this.  Can't hardly wait for spring to get here.

I am just finishing the book The Town that Food Saved.  Very interesting and entertaining.  The guy writing it is a hoot.  I have about 10 other's checked out right now, need to get going on reading those for sure.

Rob is off to softball open gym with Kara tonight.  She is excited to play this year.  Her foot seems to be doing very well other than the frozen chicken dropping incident.

Still no eggs.  Keep asking them every morning, they just don't seem to answer.  Or perhaps they don't understand me, but then I don't really understand chicken either.  I haven't heard Dumbledore try to crow again, either.  Hmmm, not sure what is going on.

We are still waiting for kids to be born.  I believe we were way off on the days so now its anyone's guess, which is not really a good thing, but they are supposed to have easy births so will keep you updated.  Phoebe, Rachel and Monica are doing well, just getting a little fatter each day.

Gus got into something today that he was chewing on that cut his mouth.  His tongue and lips and mouth were all bloody, not dripping or anything, but was red when he baaaahhhhd.  Will have to keep an eye on that, but I am sure he just got a little aggressive with the tree bark and the tree "barked" a little hard!!!  (I crack myself up sometimes.)

I have decided to go to Home Depot and get some colored zip ties for the chickens and for the turkeys, cuz they are pretty much full size, will leave a little bit of growing room so they are not so tight.  That way we can tell the chickens apart and tell which tom turkey is doing his job.  haha  I have seen the zip ties there in bright colors, and have read online that many people use them, so will give it a go.

I am taking a gardening class Saturday morning at Skagit Farmers in Stanwood on Year-round Sustainable Gardening.  Am very excited for this.  I missed the last one on edible landscaping cuz I thought it started at noon and it started at 11.

I also contacted a lady in Spokane today who raises and sells the Olde English Babydoll Southdowns that I am interested in getting for mowing lawn, manure fertilizer, wool for knitting and possibly meat. She got back to me, as we are going to be in Spokane the end of this month and said yep, she would be around so to give her a call.  If we have time, I am going to try to get to her place to ask a whole bunch of questions and see the sheep.

Okay, I think that's it for now.  Off to finish my wine and book, so I can start another book.  haha.

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