Thursday, February 24, 2011


The snow is gorgeous!!!  Very white and crisp looking.  Liam made a snowman and was very proud of it!  Some melted yesterday, but then it snowed again last night, so it's all pretty again.  Little flurries this morning.  Had to break through frozen water for all the animals so they could get to it.  Gave the chickens more straw to nest with to stay warm.  Pig was out rooting still, so the ground is not too hard.
I did finish the hat and it turned out fabulous.  Yay.  Now to get it done in different colors perhaps for gifts.  Hmmm, who should I make these for??? :)

Anyway, animals are all doing great, and I had more veggie starts sprout overnight  YAAAAYYYY!  We got 5 more trays to plant starts, so will be getting those done today and tomorrow.  I am going to be planting some red mangels (page 30 on the right side in about the middle of the page) for chicken and pig feed through the winter.  They are supposed to be equal in nutritive value to grain and you can hang them on a nail and let the chickens peck at them until they are gone, then hang another one.  Awesome, way less $$$ than chicken feed, though they are eating less as we move the chicken tractor each day, well except for today, because I am not moving the tractor through the snow, so that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Have a super day!!!

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