Monday, February 21, 2011

More Plants!

Rob just finished planting the Frost peach tree I got at Costco of all places.  $11 for a 6 foot tall tree.  We probably won't get anything this year, but they are supposed to be great for our zone (as stated by Sunset Magazine, so it should be true) and be very prolific in their production capacity.  YAAAAAAYYYYY!  I might even go get another one.  lol

I finished planting the raspberry canes I got and also the strawberry starts.  I covered them with straw to keep them from freezing, as it has been so cold lately.

Rob let Pig and Marty and the whole farm out onto the front lawn today to eat the grass clippings, as Liam had been running the riding lawnmower and cutting the grass.  Pig is so funny, with his flopping ears and all.  All have been put back in their respective places now and Rob is working on the turkey home.  We have decided to put it by the goat/pig pasture to be able to use some fencing already there for the backside.  I really want to make sure they can't get into the garden as I am starting to plant things now.

I just finished reading Holy Shit, Managing Manure to Save Mankind, by Gene Logsdon.  Very informative and very funny in some parts.  Never realized how interesting (or not) manure is.  Am now reading Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal by Joel Salatin.  Also very informative about how government wants to regulate everything and makes it very hard for local, smaller farms to sell their items without having to spend buku bucks for all the licenses, permits and things they really wouldn't need as they are on a much smaller scale.  

I tried and tried on this knitting pattern for a slouchy fit hat to make, but just could not get it right, so have started another pattern that I think is going to be Fabulous! (said like Billy Crystal doing Fernando Lamas on SNL  hahahah).


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