Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm A Dork

Okay, so for a while now I have been trying to figure out how to rearrange my silverware drawer so that the silverware goes sideways in the drawer, so when the drawer closes, it doesn't slide to the back of the drawer.  I have been looking everywhere for a drawer organizer that goes in the drawer side to side, not front to back with no luck.

I was cleaning out my kitchen drawers and cupboards today (it is almost spring so the spring cleaning bug in me has totally come out, haha) and cleaned out a narrow drawer that had an organizer in it.  As I was washing the organizer, I thought, hey wait a sec.  This could go in the drawer sideways and then I just need to find another one the same length to go in the drawer behind it.  I finished washing it, placed it in the drawer and filled it with silverware.  I had taken out the old organizer that had the silverware initially and was washing it, thinking I would be cutting some of it to fit in the drawer behind the narrower one I had just put in the silverware drawer.  Picture the light bulb going off over my head, my very (sorry) blond head at the moment.  Ummm hmmmm perhaps I could just turn the organizer in the drawer to fit.
That would be the lightbulb moment.  Duh,  I mean really, why did it take me that long to figure out the drawer was square and I could turn the organizer?  Wow, that was probably my finest dorky moment.  


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