Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brr it's cold out there

28 degrees F this morning.  Little chilly, but have a nice fire going in the wood stove.  Speaking of which, I saw a really cool wood stove at Cold Antler Farm blog called the Vermont Bun Baker .  Kinda spendy, but a really cool idea.

Also, a new website for you to check out for interesting reading and reviews of books, farmbrarian.  Found some great books I now have on my hold list at the library.

We actually had our first batch of compost finished in the composter we got this last year.  YAY!!!  It is one that you turn every so often, and Rob and I just emptied out our first completed batch.   It is on the cleaned and resurrected garden beds.  I am trying to decide where to plant raspberries, corn and wheat.  I want to put the corn and wheat where I can rotate crops with them each year to put back into the soil what they take out.

No eggs yet, but hopefully any day soon, the chickens, who are now 17 weeks old, will start to pop them out.  I am making bread again this morning and yogurt also.  Always something to do.  I am also going to be making cauliflower soup from the Fit for Life book I have had forever.  There are some really great recipes in there.

Rob got the fence up around the garden, now to just put the gate on it.  He is deciding whether or not to make the fence a little higher just to make it harder for the deer to get in.

Enjoy your day!

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