Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good Tuesday Morning!

So it hailed/snowed here last night.  Nice layer of crunchy whiteness on the grass, deck, and skylight.  Just sitting here at the mac and having my coffee this morning.  I switched to a percolator for coffee from a French press and an electric kettle.  I am trying to save some electricity, so returned the kettle and got the stainless steel percolator.  I always felt like the French press did not make enough coffee for myself and Rob in the morning, and if Nik or Kara wanted any, then I had to make another batch.  The percolator can double as being used for just heating water also, so it takes the place of two items.  And, the percolator is a 14-cup size, so makes plenty.  Yay!

Just finishing up filling out the softball forms for Kara to play softball at the high school this year.  She is very excited.

Got started on the turkey house today.  Rob is still thinking on how to finish it.  Want to make it sturdy enough, but not so heavy it can't be moved.  Will let you see the finished outcome when it's done.

Not much else new here today!  Enjoy the sun (it's out here now!!)


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