Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chickens in the Garden

We let the chickens in the garden fence to scratch in all the compost and they have been doing a great job.  I just finished reading All New Square Foot Gardening.  Very interesting book and will definitely incorporate the ideas into the garden this year.  At least we started out correctly, with 4 feet wide beds, like they say.

Saturday I am cleaning up the end of the house, as that is where I want to plant the tomatoes, peppers and anything that needs a little more warmth.  I know during the summer that side of the house gets nice and warm as it is on the south side.  Means I will need to move a little more poop, but really whats a little more poop?  HAHA

Rob pruned all the fruit trees today, so hopefully they will grow out and not up.  The cherry tree out front was soooooo tall.  I'd like to get them shaped more like umbrellas so it is easier to pick also.  Will still need to fight the deer and birds for the fruit however.

I am now reading The Accidental Beekeeper.  Sounds fairly interesting (I'm only on page 15).  Aylia mentioned she was interested in this, so perhaps we will need to take a class or attend a meeting or something along those lines.  I do like to make things with honey versus sugar and we could definitely use the bees for pollination, so hmmmm. (or rather bzzzzzz bzzzzzzz)

Aylia and I are taking a cheese making class through North Seattle Community College on March 5.  Can't wait.  We will be making soft cheese.  The next class would be hard cheese, so if this first one goes good, then perhaps we will take the next one.

Nice and sunny, but cold, here today.  Just nice to have the sun out.  Brightens my whole day.  Mr. Marty has been lounging in the sun all day, laying on his side, soaking it up.

I read the book The Long Emergency a little while ago and then came across this article Wikileaks Have Saudis Overstated How Much Oil is Left?  Very interesting.  Kinda reinforced what the book talked about.  Makes ya think about driving less, being more green and being more local with your purchases and life.

Have a super day and enjoy the sun!!


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