Monday, February 7, 2011


Busy, busy weekend.  Liam had 3 hockey games, won all 3, 9-0, 11-0 and 7-0.  I believe he scored 3 or 4 times and had a couple assists also.

After the last game on Sunday, we went to his coaches house for the Super Bowl party!  Had fun, what a beautiful house they have and a gorgeous view of the water.

It's been really windy today.  I had to make sure I held onto the top of the chicken tractor as I fed them this morning, because the last time it was windy and I did not, the wind took it over backwards and Rob had to replace the hinges and screws.  Still no eggs, darn it.

The turkeys really need to be put in their own place.  I came home today to turkey poop, runny turkey poop, dark green runny turkey poop, (you get the picture yet?) right in front the sliding door.  Really?!  Seriously?!  There is no place else to poop on our 5 acres other than our back deck RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE SLIDING DOOR???!!!  Okay, Rob and I will have to get together on this one.  According to the turkey book we have, this spring they should be ready to mate.  The toms are displaying like crazy and doing this stomping thing with their feet, which the book says means then are getting ready to mate. So hopefully by March or April something will happen and then we will have eggs and possibly new little turkeys running around.  HAHA

As I was feeding the goats this morning, I laid my hand on Rachel's side, a little underneath her belly just to see if I could feel anything moving or anything "kid like".  I did feel a little kick.  I left my hand there just to make sure I wasn't imaging things, but nope, a little kick again.  YEAH!!!  Still not sure on the dates, but very cool to actually feeling the kick.  I didn't get a chance to feel anything on Monica or Phoebe cuz they were squished up next to Rachel, so perhaps tomorrow morning.

Mr. Martypants is doing fine and dandy out in his little Marty "party house".  (I just thought of that one, haha.)  He's moved around the straw and made a nice little spot where he sleeps.  He and Gus get along okay, they have butted heads a few times, Gus wanted to eat his food and Marty put him in his place.  And, Gus puts Marty in his place when he gets into the goat house and Gus doesn't want him there.

That's all for now.  TTYL!

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  1. Yay for Liam winning his hockey games and scoring the goals/ assists! That's great =)