Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Goodbye Joey

Well, we sold Joey to someone who needs a companion for his other goat.  A little sad to see him go, but that's how it goes.  Have a great life Joey!!  (Gus and the girls are doing fine.)

It ended up being sunny and pretty here today, but still cold, says 45, but feels cooler and I believe it is supposed to freeze again tonight.  Nothing like what I hear they are getting back east.  Whew!  I like snow, but there is a limit.  I guess if you were set up for it and had all emergency supplies in place you could make it work.

I just picked up some books from the library to help lay out the garden plan.  I am interested in trying to get the most possible yield from the 12 beds that we have.  I ordered some plants that stay in the same place for a couple of years, like asparagus and artichokes, so might put those elsewhere.  I have a book on complimentary plants and would like to try to incorporate that into the garden plan this year also.  Rick is going to be giving me some of the raspberry starts from the plants we used to have and I gave him some starts before, so will have raspberries this summer hopefully.

I also got a couple books from the library on edible landscaping, so am excited to read these.  The book I am just finishing now is "The Town That Food Saved".  Very interesting.

I am still thinking about sheep and definitely want to get a milk cow in the next year or so, if possible.

Off to work in the yard now.  Later!

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  1. Very cool, Aunt Tamara! I didn't know that you grew asparagus and artichokes. Yum! =)