Friday, February 25, 2011

Turkey Tractor

Well it is partially done.  Just need to put the covered area in and the turkeys will be contained.  No more pooping on the back deck!!!  OMG!!  No more digging up the newly planted strawberries!!!  Anyway, in the turkey book I have, turkeys are supposed to mate between March and May, so will keep you posted on that.  The toms have been displaying (feathers all fluffed up and strutting) and they are stomping, which is when they stomp one foot with their wing feathers down, which according to the book, means they are signaling they are ready to mate.  However, haven't seen much interest by either of the hens, (isn't that always the case, girls!  hahahahahaha)
This is one of our toms in full display mode.  They are really very cool looking and look much larger when all their feathers are puffed up.

Finally finished reading Everything I Want to Do is Illegal by Joel Salatin.  Hmmm, really makes me kinda of question anything the government puts out as to being true or not.  Very interesting reading.  Now I am onto The Permaculture Way by Graham Bell and Salad Bar Beef by Joel Salatin.  I really like the idea of permaculture as it enriches and builds the soil and at the end, you grow things in it.  Another idea I have with the turkey tractor is to leave it in one place and do the deep mulch system where you just keep adding more bedding on top of the old for about 8 months to a year and by then, it has composted itself and you can either add the compost to the garden or make a new raised bed right there where the tractor was!  Picture to come soon of the turkey tractor when completed.

All of the seedlings in this container have sprouted!!!  YAY!  From the front to the back they are Tom Thumb lettuce, Forellenschluss lettuce, 3 kinds of broccoli, Wautoma cucumbers for pickles, and lemon cucumbers in the back.  I am so proud of myself!  haha  Will be starting 5 new containers this next week with more veggies in them.  The other 4 containers already started all have some sprouts in them, but this was the only with everything up so far.  Even the tomatoes and peppers have started to sprout!

This would be the pregnant Rachel.  She and Monica and Phoebe are all getting pretty large.  Still not sure on the due date, but perhaps within the next couple of weeks.

Hopefully the snow has not frozen the new strawberry starts and the raspberry canes I planted or the peach tree.  They were all mulched with straw and I have not dug through the snow to see, will just wait until it thaws.

Hockey this weekend with 3 games against Spokane for Liam.  Should be great.  Hopefully, there will be time to visit the sheep farm right outside Spokane and see the Olde English Baby Doll Southdown sheep.  Am thinking of perhaps for mowing lawn, fleece and just because.  :)

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