Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just Rambling

Just finished watching FRESH part 1 on YouTube.  Rob and I finished watching all 8 episodes last night.  Some of the clips I had seen before, but some were new.  Down the road, this is what I would like to do, but I know it will take some time to get there.  I would love to go see Joel Salatin's place!!

Cold again this morning, says 30 on the computer according to Weatherbug.  Little bit of frost on the ground.

I turned in a resume at Blackbird Bakery Cafe yesterday to Ed, who promptly emailed me last night about working there.  I hope with my need for a flexible schedule that it will work out.  He said they do catering events also and have a couple lined up in February, so I've got my fingers crossed.

I figured out another great use for the toilet paper and paper towel rolls, starting the fire in the wood stove.  Haha.  We are out of saved newspapers, as we only get one newspaper on Wednesday from Stanwood/Camano News, so I was emptying my bin of saved rolls the other day and thought, hmm.  It worked like a charm.  So, I believe I will continue to save them even after I get all the seeds started.

I just purchased Put Em Up from Amazon.  It has sooooo many great canning recipes.  I can't wait to try some.  I will be making dinner rolls today as we have gone through the last bag in the freezer and these are so great to have and take out when needed.

I also want to try to make pita bread, but the thicker kind, not the thin, drier kind.  Will be trying this  pita bread recipe today.  I like the review where the lady said she used them as mini pizza dough.  Will have to try that with the kids.

Ok, off to feed the animals!  Have a super duper day!

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