Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another Day

The pita bread came out wonderful, nice and tasty!!  Was very easy to do also.  Love my bread machine!

Just finished frying 2 eggs and sliding them into a pita with cheddar cheese!  Yum, yum, yum!

Fed all the animals and swept out poop for the compost pile.  

Am thinking about switching from a French press for coffee to a percolator to use on the stove.  Less electricity used would be nice and less things on the counter.

Today I am making dinner rolls.  Did not get them done yesterday, ran out of time.  Did the big Costco run yesterday.  I packed everything in the Mini and went to get Liam from hockey, and he was like "What?  Where do I put my bag?"  There was room, but I can sure fit things in the Mini.  I had to take it in for routine maintenance and got new brakes, air conditioning flush and some others, all for free as I have an extended maintenance plan that we bought.  The brakes alone there are $700 and this is the second set, so well worth it.  I got a loaner for 2 days, it was a 2011 Cooper S.  What fun to drive.  Had more bells and whistles on it than mine does.  However, I am really glad I did not get a Cooper S as it has the turbo and I would have gotten lots of tickets.  It was very fun to enter on the freeway, though, and blow by everyone.

Well, back to the homestead chores for me now.  Have a good one!  Later!

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